Managing Experience Conference: the Videos

Go. Go now: on Vimeo for the 2014 MX conference videos. Yes, I’m 8 months late to the party but I’m so excited I don’t care.

I attended the MX conference in 2013. It is an amazing event hosted by Adaptive Path. I hope that this conference is not lost when Adaptive Path becomes an integral part of the Capital One family.

There are more design strategy conferences launching every year, but this is the only one I know of that focuses on Managing Experience in the corporate environment, specifically aimed at “in-house” UX professionals who are looking for tools and case studies of how to create more awareness of and buy-in for customer-centric design.

I’ve only watched Brandon’s Schauer’s Closing Speech as yet, in which he left us with the thought, “what are we asking our customers to become?”


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