Designers become more valuable to their team when they understand how to achieve a client’s goal while creating a great experience for customers and users.

When you can demonstrate to your team and to clients that you can bring together multiple objectives into one user-friendly design, everyone is more open to “those crazy creative design ideas” you introduce.

This site is about:

  • Positioning the experience design in relation to client concerns in order to drive a better user experience and project outcomes
  • The impact of project context on UX design
  • How to respond to specific client behaviours in your project
  • Common client personas
  • Links to great articles around understanding clients

The Author

Understanding Clients is my way of sharing what I’ve learned in my 20-plus years in a consultative capacity, working on projects. I love building teams made up of people who are passionate about delivering exceptional user experiences.

I’ve been a land use economic consultant, web coder, project manager, information architect, digital business analyst, digital strategist and department director at a major Canadian company.

Everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve led the creation, development or building of high performing teams. I currently consult on UX initiatives and coach user experience designers. My goal is to empower and enable UX designers to deliver great user experiences that meet organizational objectives, and to create environments that attract and retain top-notch design talent.

Find me, Morag Johnston, on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/moragjohnston and on my marketing website at moragjohnston.com.

Follow blog updates on Twitter @moragj.


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