Creating Organizational Influence Is a Design Problem

Have a look at this article by Luke Wroblewski:   on Factors Limiting the Organizational Influence of Design. themes emerged: organizational imbalance, lack of shared understanding, resource constraints, and market dynamics. I was saddened and heartened by how consistent other designers’ experiences are with my own. Saddened because I had hoped that some one out […]



Addiction recovery programs are based on admitting the illusion of control over the addictive behaviour, the harmful things done as a result, and releasing yourself from the need to control. We, as User Experience practitioners, demonstrate a lot of issues with control. We often want to control everything about the product because we feel we […]

More Design Managers Need to Stop Designers from Designing

Just watched Des Traynor from Intercom’s talk on Product Design. This is one of the best summaries of the current state of digital product design I’ve seen, primarily because it is helping my synthesize my thoughts why I am frustrated with the current state of user experience design. Peter Merholz’ post There is No Such […]

Designers are not clients

Very early on in our design education, we have drilled into us that “designers are not users”. We need to understand our users’ needs. We cannot assume that users will share our needs, attitudes or comfort with technology, or that our users will have the same mental model about how a product or process works. Guess what? Designers […]