What People Say and Do in Meetings

In-person meetings are my best window into how the client organization works. I am always looking for the risks in the room. I could assume the best, but that hasn’t tended to help in the past. Sometimes paranoia pays. Phone meetings still frustrate┬áme. I don’t know which is worse: sitting at your desk alone trying […]


Letting Off Steam

Even the best of us have days when we just want to smack someone we work with. Don’t smack. Smacking is bad. Let off steam. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/design_hell http://Dilbert.com and http://shitclientssay.net/ http://shitclientssay.tumblr.com/ http://shitmyclientsays.tumblr.com Make sure to leave time to laugh at yourself. Shit Interaction Designers Say Take a deep breath, and then move on.