You Deserve a Good Job

Recently, I was talking with someone who told me, “I won’t take on a UX contract if I have all the accountability without the authority.” That’s an awesome position to take. Too many people don’t ask, then take what’s offered and complain forever more. I’ve also talked with people who secretly – well not so […]


Article Review: Leadership Meanders, but a Good Start

It’s exciting to see an article discussing the need for UX leadership, especially as part of a series on UX Management. The article attempts to cover a lot: there are probably 3 or more articles in here. And as much as I adore Jim Collins, some references to other books on leadership would be welcome. […]

Designers are not clients

Very early on in our design education, we have drilled into us that “designers are not users”. We need to understand our users’ needs. We cannot assume that users will share our needs, attitudes or comfort with technology, or that our users will have the same mental model about how a product or process works. Guess what? Designers […]

Letting Off Steam

Even the best of us have days when we just want to smack someone we work with. Don’t smack. Smacking is bad. Let off steam. and Make sure to leave time to laugh at yourself. Shit Interaction Designers Say Take a deep breath, and then move on.